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This is my first Drawing Inspiration blog post, a little mission I have set myself to get out and about seeing people and places and drawing some of the things I see and think about.

I’ve got some very creative friends and relations, who in turn have their own creative connections.  My mother in law is a textile artist (more on her in a future blog!) and her best friend is one too.

Marjorie Lee does gorgeous and amazing pieces, building up layers of colour using a sewing machine to draw.  We have a couple of lovely ones in our lounge.  She and her husband live in a cosy and light barn conversion – there are sheep in the field next door and I saw my first ever hare in their garden, inches away from their patio door.  It’s a lovely place to spend some time, and Marj is sparkly-eyed, friendly and curious.

I popped over to visit her for lunch and bumped into Karen and Charlie from Company of Artisans and sat down with them all for a cup of tea.  Karen and Charlie do some really interesting historic building and craft projects that you can see on their website.

Sitting in Marj’s beautiful kitchen, looking at her collection of blue and white crockery and chatting about how its hard to be minimalist when you’re creative, got me thinking about friends and the people we choose to have in our lives.  Sometimes you can bring some of your friends together who haven’t met before and they get on too, like they’re all part of a mis-matched but complimentary set…

collect friends illustration by Sam Taylor - www.samdrawsthings.com

I also picked up some purple tulips as a present to take with me – I love tulips and the colour of these was so striking and pretty – Marj loved them too, tulips also being one of her favourites.  I didn’t know that before I went, but I saw them and knew they were perfect…

friends illustration by Sam Taylor - www.samdrawsthings.com

It was a lovely and inspiring day, and I’m looking forward to more!  Thanks Marj 🙂

Kitchen by Sam Taylorlunch by Sam Taylor




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  1. Karen Slade says:

    It was so lovely to meet you at Marjorie’s,Sam! I agree – meeting friends of friends is brilliant when it confirms why you are friends in the first place.
    Your website is delightful, thank you for mentioning us – you will inspire us to try to update ours more often! And meeting Shadow was an extra doggie bonus 🙂

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