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OK, I am maybe overusing the word ‘sexy’ a little bit at the moment…but as I added the original illustrations to my new online Etsy shop, it was interesting to remember that so far, they are all a bit…sexy.

This is due to the fact that the first items in the shop are the original illustrations of a variety of animals from ‘Sex on Earth: A Celebration of Animal Reproduction’ by Jules Howard.

I’ve given each item in the shop a little description explaining a bit about the reproductive life and habits of that animal. Some of them are pretty intriguing/weird/wonderful – which is why they are in the book.

My favourites are Carlos and Fernando, the gay flamingos successfully rearing young at a wetland nature reserve:

flamingos by Sam Taylor -


And this lovely duck belies the…rather aggressive sex lives of the animals, which has lead to some amazing adaptions:


Duck by Sam Taylor -



You can find the Sam Draws Things Etsy shop here.



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