Ponderings: The Marriage Bubble




The Marriage Bubble is a diagram I’ve done as a wedding present for a few friends or drawn in their book of messages on their special day.

I found it a particularly helpful idea to hold in my head in that weird come-down period after the wedding and honeymoon at the beginning of a marriage….  It’s a strange time in part because it’s where the fairy stories end: ‘And they all lived happily ever after…’ is the conclusion of one part of the story, but the beginning of a whole other chapter that we don’t really create that many stories about.

The come-down feeling may also be because of all the effort, energy and excitement that goes into the wedding day – the one day when you are The Bride or The Groom following which the words Wife and Husband settle onto your shoulders.

I think it’s important (in any relationship) to keep an eye on personal stress and anxieties vs relationship based ones – personal stress comes under the heading My Stuff to Sort Out as opposed to Our Stuff to Sort Out Together.  It’s all about not taking Your Stuff out on the other person in the bubble.

Of course, a key thing to remember about bubbles is that they are very fragile…



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