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Last Friday, I was in a tutu on the Tube in London.  It’s not something I ever really expected to be doing, I will confess, and I can’t *quite* remember why I thought it was a good idea…


But I decided to dress up as the version of myself in Dive Down and go to some of my favourite places in London to leave some of the 100 free copies of the book.  You can find a map of where the free books have found homes so far here.


There was a moment in a loo in Camden when I’d just put the tutu on and I thought I might take it straight back off again and go home…


Hiding in a loo in Camden in a tutu...

Hiding in a loo in Camden in a tutu…

BUT the good thing about starting in Camden was knowing that far more weird and wonderful things have happened there than me getting a bit dressed up.  And I also remembered that I have done far scarier things that that, which is what the book is all about.  So, I took a deep breath and opened the door and stepped out…

And I swiftly realised that the only person who gave two hoots about what I was wearing was me.

In a tutu on the South Bank (thanks to Nathalie Cox for the photo)

I also had a passing thought that everything we wear is a costume, and wearing a tutu for a day is no weirder really than wearing anything else. What we dress ourselves in on a daily basis can have a big impact on how we feel, and after the nerves wore off, I felt awesome and sprightly in my silly outfit.  I sat on the South Bank sketching in the sunshine (thank goodness for the weather last Friday!), and a little boy told me he loved my drawing and my shoes.  It made my day.

This has helped me feel much braver about what I choose to wear, and I may be popping off to the shops in my top hat and tails later… I thoroughly recommend a little trip outside the comfort zone every now and then.

A big thank you to friends Ian and Nathalie for meeting me in my tutu, and to Nathalie for the photo of me above and the ones below 🙂

I’d love to hear from anyone that finds or receives a book.  You can get in touch by emailing info@samdrawsthings.co.uk

My awesome tutu is from The Tutu Store on Etsy

Hiding a book

Hiding a book

Sneaking a free book onto the book stall on the South Bank...

Sneaking a free book onto the book stall on the South Bank…

... and it was gone a few seconds later!

… and it was gone a few seconds later!

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