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Ripening apples with baby bee gardener 🐝 blimey it's been a funny old parenting day today. From feeling smug that we had a spare cuddly doggy when Tris freaked out seeing his favourite toy going round in the washing machine, to the clean cuddly doggy getting dunked in a bucket of water so NO cuddly doggies. Then we just couldn't get him to sleep tonight, maybe doggy related but we also realised he has a molar coming through. A 30 minute plus panicky search for the calpol ended in the wardrobe, where a certain baby bee had hidden it. He eventually crashed out snuggled with the real doggy (who hates snuggles) on the sofa at like 10pm. Here's hoping that means a lie in tomorrow… it means a lie in, right?! #stopcensoringmotherhood #thisisparenting #teething #andawonderweektoo #leap9 #weneedmorebiscuits #parenting #breathe

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