My Dog Stole my Photo Shoot



Me: I’ve got this idea for a little photo shoot to get some new pics to use in my social media. It’s inspired by Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love album pic..

Josh: Who’s a what now?

My partner and I have a lot in common, but knowledge of Kate Bush album art is kind of my specialist subject.

Some Googling later we found this wonderful article about the Hounds of Love photoshoot which includes a couple of amazing behind the scenes shots, and Josh kind of knew what I meant.

The idea I had was to print out some of the flowers I’ve drawn and kind of lie down in them with my hair all spread out.

So, we printed out the drawings, the light was great and we got some nice pics.  I hate having my picture taken, but these turned out reasonably ok.

Illustrator Sam Goodlet -

An in-progress shot from the shoot

Illustrator Sam Goodlet -

One of the nice shots that I’ll start using on social media and things

Then we thought we’d bring Shadow in, our prima donna rescue dog.  Adopted from Woodgreen 5 years ago, he’s alledgedly a Jack Russel X King Charles Spaniel and he’s very pretty.

Mostly spaniel with shiny fur and big brown eyes.  He’s hard to photograph because he’s actually brindled but it often comes out just dark brown.

Not today.  The light was perfect and he looked gorgeous.

Maybe a little too gorgeous….

Shadow the Dog by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Shadow appears on the scene looking fabulous

Shadow the Dog by

Shadow the Dog by

Shadow the Dog by

Shadow the Dog by

We didn’t manage to get a snap of us together (a la Kate) because Shadow kind of took over. He was the Hound of Love.

I think it’s time to just have to accept that my dog has better hair than I ever will…

And he just knows how to work a camera.

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