I had to join the #ToonMe challenge! Have you seen all the amazing art work on Instagram…? Have a peek here!

Toon Me by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.co.uk

Drawing it was a really lovely way to tune into my inner magic and bring it out!  I posted it on Instagram with a message for my fellow weirdos:


I see you 👀 Your beautiful weirdness, your unique magic.
I know it’s hard sometimes to be yourself and to let yourself shine. Maybe it’s because you haven’t figured out who you are just yet, or you’re immobilised by worrying about what people might think, or because you’ve been bullied or suppressed by people pushing you back when your magic makes them afraid.
I just want you to know…It won’t always be this hard.
You and I and the world… we are all constantly growing and evolving.
We can make more space for ourselves and each other to be the wonderful weirdos that we truly are. Let’s embrace that precious magic in our unique human-ness and let it SHINE 🌟




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