My first enamel charity pins find their new homes!



It has been a really exciting couple of days with the hard enamel pin I designed for the Flower Power Fund arriving and swiftly being posted out to lots of happy customers.  £2 from each pin goes to the fund, raising money for Marie Curie (registered charity number 207994 England & Wales, SC038731 in Scotland).

The Flower Power Fund project is running throughout 2018 and involves independent knitting yarn dyers creating a beautiful bouquet of flower-inspired yarns.  I created a logo for the project which I worked with the lovely team at Badges Plus here in the UK to translate into a pin design.

Over on Instagram there have been lots of pics of the pins arriving in their new homes 🙂 The best bit is seeing them on lovely knitting project bags and settling into people’s pin collections!

It’s here! My #flowerpowerfund pin has arrived 😍💕 @flowerpowerfund

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Another lovely pin added… @samdrawsthings #samdrawsthings #flowerpowerfund

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Ponderings: Maternal mental health



ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -

Last week (the first week of May) was Maternal Mental Health week.  My social media newsfeed was full of all kinds of things raising awareness and offering support.  I’ve had a picture in my head for a while now about my own journey to motherhood, and it finally popped onto the page.

What I thought being a mum would be like part 1.  Just me, with a small human in my life.

What I thought being a mum would be like part  2 - a completely rebuilt and reprogrammed version of me with a cosmic maelstrom by my side

⭐ my motherhood journey⭐

It’s not that I thought it would be easy, and it’s a terrible cliche to say that nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent… but I think whatever your route to parenthood, it changes you in ways you cannot imagine.

And maybe in ways we’ll never understand.

Being pregnant in itself is such a transformation and perhaps I thought once Tris was born I’d go back to who I was before…

But I haven’t, and I can’t.

And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just a bit unsettling… here in the uk its #maternalmentalhealthawareness week and this was one of my #100daychallenge drawings for better mental health

Ram Dass, spirituality and crochet



ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -


…”she came up and she said “Thank you so much. That makes perfect sense. That’s just the way I understand the universe to be.”


And I said, “How do you know? I mean, what have you done in your life that has brought you into those kinds of experiences?”


She leaned forward very conspiratorially and she said, “I crochet.””

This is from one of my favourite pieces of writing by Ram Dass about a sweet little lady in a hat attending one of his lectures when everyone else was a young hippy with beads and flowers in their hair. She had reached spirituality through a completely different route; not psychedelics or prayer or traditional meditation, but crochet.

I Crochet Ram Dass illustration of a wise lady with stars in her eyes by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

I really needed to draw her. She’s part of my #100dayschallenge for #bettermentalhealth, inspired by my new knitting and crochet friends. I’m just starting to learn to knit, and one of the reasons is how calming I’ve heard it is. This little lady has the wisdom of the stars in her eyes achieved by hours with yarn and a little hook…

You can find the Ram Dass article here.

My first enamel pin :)



It’s been a real delight to design my first enamel pin in honour of the Flower Power Fund.  I translated the branding I created for them into a simplified version using  Adobe Illustrator, learning along the way how to translate my scribblly, wobbly style into something that would work on a pin…  I am absolutely thrilled with how they came out, they are so shiny and lovely!

They’re available for pre-order now for £7 each, and £2 from every pin sale will be donated to Marie Curie (registered charity number 207994 England & Wales, SC038731 in Scotland).

You can find them in my Etsy Shop here, and my online shop here 🙂

🌸 designing the @flowerpowerfund pins has been such a lovely process. I love learning new things and I’ve had to get my head round minimalism (not my strong point) to translate my drawing style into enamel. @badgeplus have been super helpful. 😘 I’ve got lots of ideas for other pin designs now… 😀 this one will be up for pre-order at 10am tomorrow. It’s going to be quite a limited run, there will be 175 up for grabs on the preorders and I’m hoping we make 100 orders pretty quick so I can make the full order to manufacture them next week! Then they’ll take a few weeks to be made and shipped and ready to pin 🌸 #soexcited #illustration #enamelpin #drawing #flowers #learning #snowdrop #flowerpowerfund #fundraising #madeintheuk

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Colouring Flowers Printable



With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday and spring in the air here in (most parts) of the UK, here’s a downloadable sheet to colour in, covered in flowers 🙂

It could the part of a homemade Mother’s Day card, or some wrapping paper, or just something pretty to doodle on.  If you click on the image and save it, you can print it at home.

colouring flowers by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Cuckoo Flowers and Daffodils



The latest prints that I’m selling to support the wonderful Flower Power Fund are available now!  You can find them in my online shop here.

There are two flowers this month, to match to lovely yarns from Beth at Beehive Yarns  –  Cuckoo Flower and Vintage Daffodil.


Lay Family Yarn Branding



I’ve just finished helping the lovely Lay family with a rebrand for their yarn dyeing business 🙂



Happy Hellebores



Flower Power Fund logo by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The latest print and yarn for the fabulous Flower Power Fund are live now, and they are SO pretty.

There is a new knitting yarn launched every month inspired by a different flower, and I’m creating a limited edition print to match.  All of the sales are helping to raise funds for Marie Curie.  This awesome fundraising idea is all happening over on Instagram and its so lovely to be part of.

This is Hellebore, February’s hand-dyed yarn from Down Sheepy Lane in all its yumminess (available from their shop here):

It’s live!!!

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And this is my matching print (available in my shop here):

And they look fab together 😀

A Pretty Snowdrop Print



I’m really excited to launch the first in a range of 12 new botanical prints.

An elegant A5 print of a Snowdrop on lovely archival paper

An elegant Snowdrop – Galanthus nivalis. The first flowers to appear after winter in the UK, I love to see them break through the ground and remind us all that spring is coming. Their delicate heads are like little fairy skirts, and their simple white and green hues are so elegant.

A close up of the delicaet head of the snowdrop print by illustrator Sam Goodlet. A close up of the dA close up of the text on the snowdrop print by illustrator Sam Goodlet.

The Snowdrop is carefully drawn in pen and ink. I’ve added the the shades of green and and text digitally to create a limited edition signed A5 giclee print on lovely archival paper.

This is the first in a series of 12 artworks for the Flower Power Fund, fundraising for Marie Curie. 40% of the sale price of each print will be donated to Marie Curie (registered charity number 207994 England & Wales, SC038731 in Scotland).

The prints are to tie in with the 12 beautiful hand-dyed knitting yarns that are also being released for the Fund, one a month over the course of 2018. Each yarn is inspired by a different flower and I am going to draw each of them to create more lovely prints. You can find out more about the Flower Power Fund on Facebook here  and Instagram here.

You can find the gorgeous Snowdrop yarn by Norah George Yarns here.

You can find the Snowdrop print in my online shop here.

My Dog Stole my Photo Shoot



Me: I’ve got this idea for a little photo shoot to get some new pics to use in my social media. It’s inspired by Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love album pic..

Josh: Who’s a what now?

My partner and I have a lot in common, but knowledge of Kate Bush album art is kind of my specialist subject.

Some Googling later we found this wonderful article about the Hounds of Love photoshoot which includes a couple of amazing behind the scenes shots, and Josh kind of knew what I meant.

The idea I had was to print out some of the flowers I’ve drawn and kind of lie down in them with my hair all spread out.

So, we printed out the drawings, the light was great and we got some nice pics.  I hate having my picture taken, but these turned out reasonably ok.

Illustrator Sam Goodlet -

An in-progress shot from the shoot

Illustrator Sam Goodlet -

One of the nice shots that I’ll start using on social media and things

Then we thought we’d bring Shadow in, our prima donna rescue dog.  Adopted from Woodgreen 5 years ago, he’s alledgedly a Jack Russel X King Charles Spaniel and he’s very pretty.

Mostly spaniel with shiny fur and big brown eyes.  He’s hard to photograph because he’s actually brindled but it often comes out just dark brown.

Not today.  The light was perfect and he looked gorgeous.

Maybe a little too gorgeous….

Shadow the Dog by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Shadow appears on the scene looking fabulous

Shadow the Dog by

Shadow the Dog by

Shadow the Dog by

Shadow the Dog by

We didn’t manage to get a snap of us together (a la Kate) because Shadow kind of took over. He was the Hound of Love.

I think it’s time to just have to accept that my dog has better hair than I ever will…

And he just knows how to work a camera.


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