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Coming soon: The EverWilde’s magical children’s book

Posted on: April 5th, 2019 by samdrawsthings No Comments

Have you seen the EverWilde…? 🙂 Created by Jess Lilly of Curious Little Market, they are just pure magic…

I’ve been following Jess for a while and just fallen in love with these guys.  The woodland vibe and enchanting imagination of all of Jess’s creations just sings from her Instagram feed and website.  Looking through them all brings instant joy.

So I am super excited to announce that we have been working on a book together!  It’s still in the very early stages right now but coming soon will be a beautiful little illustrated story sharing how the EverWilde came to be.

Jess has had a genius idea for how to create and publish the books herself.  I love that we are able to do this without worrying about publishers or agents.  It’s a really lovely way to work and they are going to be very special, tactile and magical little works of art.  We are just sorting the final layout and details to go into production!  It’s always a bit of a scary stage, wondering how things will turn out, but the sneak peeks I’ve had of the finished item are wonderful.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first cover design:

I’m thrilled that the reaction has been so positive – these are iconic creatures and I am desperate to do them justice.  I’ll be sharing more news and artwork as and when I can.  🙂

Drawing Inspiration: Bump and Boo Winchester

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drawing inspiration by Sam Goodlet -

It’s been a little while since I’ve gone out and about purely with the purpose of sketching.  So it was exciting to get back into it on Sunday at the Bump and Boo event at Winchester Guildhall.

Aimed at parents and parents-to-be, it was a busy day packed with stalls and talks with activities and play spaces for little ones too.  It was great reminder of all the organisations that are in the local area ready to help families.   The Guildhall is also such a pretty venue, it makes a lovely back drop 🙂

It took me a little while to find my sketching vibe again; when I was a student I had no qualms about drawing everyone all the time and simply sitting in a corner doodling but this time I felt quite self-conscious!  And of course when you’re drawing people out and about they move, which is part of the challenge and can lead to some lovely quick marks.

But looking back at the sketches, I think I caught some of the friendly and buzzy atmosphere…

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

It was like entering a bit of a magical treasure trove for families.

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

This was only Bump and Boo’s second event so far, and it was so buzzing and vibrant.

Nicky and The Caterpillar Music stand were really fun to draw!

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

And after buying a gorgeous pair of leggings from Equally Awesome for my purple-obsessed little boy, I had a big chat with Rachel who makes everything about how hard it is to find fun boys clothes, especially as they get bigger.  Baby stuff can be cute, but a lot of the bigger boy’s clothes are just mini versions of boring men’s clothes.  Also, not enough unicorns (or enough purple) for our family’s tastes.  I stood for a while to do a longer sketch of Rachel’s colourful stall:

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Thanks and well done Bump and Boo!  Not only was it a fabulous event, it was also such a lovely opportunity to get back into some quick drawing.  They will also now have some cute sketches to us in their promotional material, hopefully helping the next event to be even bigger and better!

If you’d like me to come and sketch at your event, do get in touch.  You can see some of my other Drawing Inspiration sketches here.

Baby name nursery art: new in the Sam draws things shop

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A recent commission from a friend has lead to a new product line in my shop that I am really excited about: baby name prints!  I’m growing my nursery art collection as babies LOVE my work – the high contrast and black and white I use basically hypnotises small people, making it quite a handy distraction tool for a grouchy or distracted baby.

My son Tristan spent a long time gazing at my work around the house, and as he’s growing and recognising the animals he’s still getting a lot out of it.

Little Percy was the recipient of my first baby name print.  He was born in June and has one of the best birth stories I have ever heard – he was caught by his mum’s best friend in the kitchen!

Baby name print by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Each letter on the name prints is a different animal, and there’s the option of adding the date of birth underneath.   I think they make lovely birthday presents for older little ones too.

Baby name nursery art by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

I’ve found someone making really nice frames in the UK that are purple, which coordinates really nicely with the colours in the print, and you can add one on as an option when you order.

Baby name nursery art by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

You can order your print in my online shop here.

You can include a message with the name and date of birth, or I’ll get in touch with you to check the details.  I’ll send you a preview of the print before popping it in the post to you.  I offer gift wrapping and can also post straight to someone else if you are buying it as a gift.

Ponderings: Having a virtual tea party

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ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -


I was pondering the other day why I am finding Instagram such an interesting place to be at the moment, and realised one of the factors is the stories it brings into my life.  Mainstream media has so often tells stories with a narrow focus  – heterosexual love stories featuring men and women who fit acceptable archetypes.  And I’m bored of that now.  It’s not relevant and  there are just so many stories and characters missing.

But on Insta, I am following a wide and diverse range of individuals bringing their stories into my life.  People with different gender roles and identities, abilities and cultural backgrounds that have so often been missing, or made the focus of stories in a way that emphasises difference and exclusion.  And they are telling their own stories in their own voices, sharing their fears, scars, problems and bodies.  (That last one feels particularly important to me right now, as I grow older and try to feel more comfortable in my post-baby body).

I know that ‘social’ media has its own problems (not least the trolling and negative comments that bravery can attract), but the fact that the platform enables sharing and alternative narratives feels like such a good antidote to that narrow focus.   June is LGBTQ+ pride month and I’ve discovered some really educational and inspirational accounts as a result.

And the other factor is that I’m finding genuinely lovely connections on there, mostly thanks to the amazing Flower Power Fund.  I have never met such a kind and invested bunch of people – the community around this project is simply magical.

The other day I was feeling a bit wobbly and posted a something that was a bit more honest post that I have for a while about where my head was at, and also a bit of a plea…

The comments and support were so lovely!

Working from home and being freelance and being a mum can feel pretty isolating.  A couple of local friends reached out and we might actually manage to meet up for real cake, but it also turned into a little virtual tea party with lots of support and imaginary cake….

Ponderings: Maternal mental health

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ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -

Last week (the first week of May) was Maternal Mental Health week.  My social media newsfeed was full of all kinds of things raising awareness and offering support.  I’ve had a picture in my head for a while now about my own journey to motherhood, and it finally popped onto the page.

What I thought being a mum would be like part 1.  Just me, with a small human in my life.

What I thought being a mum would be like part  2 - a completely rebuilt and reprogrammed version of me with a cosmic maelstrom by my side

⭐ my motherhood journey⭐

It’s not that I thought it would be easy, and it’s a terrible cliche to say that nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent… but I think whatever your route to parenthood, it changes you in ways you cannot imagine.

And maybe in ways we’ll never understand.

Being pregnant in itself is such a transformation and perhaps I thought once Tris was born I’d go back to who I was before…

But I haven’t, and I can’t.

And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just a bit unsettling… here in the uk its #maternalmentalhealthawareness week and this was one of my #100daychallenge drawings for better mental health

Night owls…

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The rather apt theme for this week’s art class with Busylizzy was owls.  Not only does my toddler LOVE owls, he also is being a bit of a night owl at the moment, which of course means I am too…




The luxury of bathtime

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ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -

Happy Lammas

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Ripening apples with baby bee gardener 🐝 blimey it's been a funny old parenting day today. From feeling smug that we had a spare cuddly doggy when Tris freaked out seeing his favourite toy going round in the washing machine, to the clean cuddly doggy getting dunked in a bucket of water so NO cuddly doggies. Then we just couldn't get him to sleep tonight, maybe doggy related but we also realised he has a molar coming through. A 30 minute plus panicky search for the calpol ended in the wardrobe, where a certain baby bee had hidden it. He eventually crashed out snuggled with the real doggy (who hates snuggles) on the sofa at like 10pm. Here's hoping that means a lie in tomorrow… it means a lie in, right?! #stopcensoringmotherhood #thisisparenting #teething #andawonderweektoo #leap9 #weneedmorebiscuits #parenting #breathe

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A new art session for babies and toddlers!

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I am really excited to be running an art session for mums, babies and toddlers with Busy Lizzy in Winchester.   We will be making bunting inspired by leaves and flowers, with lots of natural materials for babies to play with, paint, card and drawing materials.

I’ve run craft and drawing sessions in libraries, on nature reserves, in schools and all over the place, but this will be my first one with lots of babies!  It should be fun, and messy 🙂

You can come along to the session even if you’re not a Busy Lizzy member – just get in touch and let them know you’d like to come as a guest.

When your mum is an illustrator: decorating our nursery

Posted on: June 14th, 2017 by samdrawsthings 1 Comment

One of the things I’m working on at the moment is a collection of nursery prints.  Inspired by our sky-themed nursery, they feature moons, stars, clouds and rainbows.

moon by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Creating Tristan’s nursery was so much fun and really therapeutic.  It was a great way to displace any antenatal anxiety – I would just go up there, move things around, suss out storage, play with paint and add to my nursery Pinterest board.  You can have a look at my Blue Sky Thinking nursery decor mood board here.  It was also really healing when I got a bit of time (thank you grandparents) not long after Tris arrived to finish some of the things I’d been too pregnant to work on.

Our nursery is a converted attic room, and I created some fluffy ombre paint effects to play with the angled walls and corners and fade from sky blue into brighter and darker colours.  Even if Tris hadn’t been a boy, our nursery would have had sky blue as it’s base colour, it’s just what I could see in my head from the very beginning.

I painted and drew a sun and a moon in different corners of the space, and added clouds onto the walls and blackout blind.

Nursery mural and decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The rocking chair and stool my dad found on eBay, and my mum made new covers for them as a Christmas present.  The hammock and most of the other furniture were also eBay finds.

Nursery mural and decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The cloud lampshade and murals look really lovely at different times of day.

Nursery mural and decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Nursery mural and decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Nursery mural and decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Post c-section, we actually set up camp downstairs for a couple of weeks, and then Camilla our wonderful doula helped me to get back upstairs and get the nursery in use, and took the photo below when we were all settled.   Shadow the dog loves the cloud rugsThe useful drawers with baskets are from B&Q, and we have them in the bathroom too where they are the perfect size for nappies.

Nursery decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet. Photo by Camilla Moore.

It’s very much an evolving space, and with Tris now almost a toddler, things have completely been moved around.  From use every night, the cushion on the chair is looking pretty well loved.  The nursery is the only room in the house that looks this pretty or gets this much attention!  In the beginning I guess it was very much about us, but as its evolving it’s becoming more Tris’s space.  The first time he noticed the sun and moon and the lampshade was magical.

Nursery murals and decor by illustrator Sam Goodlet -


One of the things that made me really happy in the beginning was how much Tristan loved my black and white illustrations.  Babies are fascinated by black and white and high contrast imagery for a surprisingly long time, even as their sense of colour develops.

Tris loved my frog print – I think because out of the artwork I had around the house to show him, it was one of the more complex images.  The first time I showed him he stared at it transfixed, and then it made him smile.  We could use it to hypnotise him a bit, and he would spend ages staring at our black and white curtains.

Frog print by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

You can find some baby-friendly artwork in my Etsy shop here, including the frogs.  And I am really excited to be developing more prints and images to hypnotise small people. They are going to have a mix of pure black and white with splashes of colour.

sun illustration by Sam Goodlet -










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