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Drop the stigma, not the stitch

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I have been working for a while with Hutch from Dye Candy Yarns, creating drawings for her social media. This weekend we launched our first collaboration!

I’ve designed a pin and she’s created an exclusive yarn and spinning fibre colour-way to open up the conversation around mental health and fundraise for Mind.

The pin features a knitted pill with the slogan ‘drop the stigma, not the stitch’ and the colour-way (top secret at the moment) will be inspired by music legends who lost their lives to mental illness.

We have had the most amazing reaction so far! We are just taking preorders at the moment with the pins and fibre shipping in a few weeks.

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As you may have seen, Sam from @samdrawsthings and myself have been working on a secret collaborative project. Mental health issues have affected all of us in some way or another, and as us crafters know- creating is a fantastic way to quiet a mind. There is still so much work to be done to get rid of the stigmas surrounding these problems. Stigmas that exacerbate situations and prevent people from seeking help. When you purchase one of these pins, or a pin + yarn pack, a portion will be donated to @mindcharity , the mental health charity. My yarn colourway will be a secret until it lands on your doormat but is inspired by the musical legends who have lost their battle with mental health over the past few years. This is a cause close to both our hearts, and we hope you'll support us in raising as much as we can for this worthwhile charity. Link in bio, click the preorder section! #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness #semicolonproject #MIND

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You can pre order yours via my shop here of the Dye Candy shop here.

We are SO excited to be kicking mental health stigma in the balls and raising funds for this important cause.

Getting my tits out for charity (no, not like that)

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Last week, I woke up from a nightmare at 2am with my cheeks covered in tears.  The details are a bit foggy, but it involved my little boy, who’s now 2, and Abe Lincoln.  Weird right? But the overriding feeling was that my son was danger and might not survive.   It was triggered by the news about the children being taken away from their parents at the American border, and the feeling of helplessness as I watched the story unfold and felt desperate to do something.  Part of my evolving business plan involves fundraising, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Then, Countess Ablaze set my heart on fire.

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This colourway went a bit boom a couple of months ago. Dyed in response to a misogynistic encounter we'd experienced, we dyed this and Shit Tea and Tray Bake, and raised over £3000 for Women's Aid. We don't dye the colourway anymore (when you've dyed over 1000 skeins of something in a two week period, you really cannot imagine wanting to dye it anymore!) but we sell swag and a % are donated to charity. So why am I bringing this up again? A dyer who is seen knitting with our original colourway in their feed has produced a knock-off. Coincidences happen. There's only so much you can do with dye. But when it's blatantly obvious like this… well I'm not angry, I'm disappointed. I expected better. 🔥This colourway has become iconic. 🔥This colourway enabled a couple of women to leave their abusive relationships (that I've been told about). 🔥This colourway gave other creatives the confidence to say “no” to working for exposure. 🔥This colourway raised money for charity. So what would The Countess do? We deal with this with class. We're not dyeing this colourway anymore but I'm throwing it open to other indie dyers instead to dye their own versions. Of course, rules are needed! Email me at so I know you're on board Your colourway is called If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out (Name Of Your Version) . £3 per skein minimum (or your currency equiv) is to be donated to a charity of your choice. Tell me who they are. If you won't do this, you are not to get involved. All versions launch together on your own selling platforms on July 1st. We market this together, as a community. The best work is done when we work together and support each other. 💜 On the back of yesterday's livestream, we've already got 21 dyers and a handful of designers who want to participate too. Dyers can dye as much or as little of this colourway as you wish, can do pre-orders or ready to ship, whatever suits your working style. Whatever yarn bases you want (even fibre!) Give me a couple of days to get my shit together with a fancy spreadsheet etc but we will email you back. 🤘 Hashtags #titsoutcollective #ifiwantexposureillgetmytitsout

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Running a fiercely anarchic and rebellious knitting yarn brand, the Countess responded to a couple of personal affronts to her business in the most amazing way.  In answer to a patronising request for all kinds of free stuff, she dyed a kick-ass yarn called “If I Wanted Exposure, I’ll Get my T*ts Out” and donated a % to charity. She’s raised £3,000 for Women’s Aid.

Then, when someone ripped off the iconic yarn, she responded by mustering an army of creatives to raise even more funds for a whole range of causes.  You can hear the full story on the Countess Ablaze website here.

So, at 12 noon on Sunday the 1st of July, the #titsoutcollective launches a range of vibrant yarns and goodies, sold by creatives across the world.  You can see the gallery of amazing-ness here.

After hearing about the project, I walked my dog around a field under the moon thinking “it’s such a short deadline, there are loads of other things to do by the 1st of July, I don’t think I can join in….”  But of course, I am!

I’m launching a range of Great Tit inspired pretty things, featuring illustrations of these mighty little birds I am lucky enough to watch in my garden.  A percentage from each sale will go to Together Rising, a charity working at grass roots level to help the families torn apart as they try to find refuge in America.  There is still so much to do and … children remain separated from the people they love.  You can read all about them here.

Wooden pin by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comWooden pin by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comWooden pin by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comGreat tits print by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

You can shop my little collection on Sunday in the Samdrawsthings shop here.

There’s a cherry wood pin or pendant laser etched with my Great Tits design, available with and without text and a print of the birds on a background inspired by the colours of the yarn. And the there’s a print of The Exposure Doesn’t Pay the Bills Fairy.

This totally badass fairy was inspired by the incredible Countess Ablaze, and the way she stands up for herself and empowers others to do the same.

As a creative person trying to make a living from my work, I really need a friendly reminder every now and again that it’s OK to charge people, that this is a real job, and although I do things for cheap or free sometimes, I do also need to make money. And it really is OK to ask.

This fairy is ideal to stick on the wall of your studio or above your desk to remind you that exposure doesn’t pay the bills. She’ll watch over you and wag her figure disapprovingly when you don’t ask for what you’re worth. She reminds you that you ARE valuable, that your time, energy and skill are precious resources.

It’s such an exciting and busy day – check out the wonderful yarn and lovely things created at

Ram Dass, spirituality and crochet

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ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -


…”she came up and she said “Thank you so much. That makes perfect sense. That’s just the way I understand the universe to be.”


And I said, “How do you know? I mean, what have you done in your life that has brought you into those kinds of experiences?”


She leaned forward very conspiratorially and she said, “I crochet.””

This is from one of my favourite pieces of writing by Ram Dass about a sweet little lady in a hat attending one of his lectures when everyone else was a young hippy with beads and flowers in their hair. She had reached spirituality through a completely different route; not psychedelics or prayer or traditional meditation, but crochet.

I Crochet Ram Dass illustration of a wise lady with stars in her eyes by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

I really needed to draw her. She’s part of my #100dayschallenge for #bettermentalhealth, inspired by my new knitting and crochet friends. I’m just starting to learn to knit, and one of the reasons is how calming I’ve heard it is. This little lady has the wisdom of the stars in her eyes achieved by hours with yarn and a little hook…

You can find the Ram Dass article here.

Colouring Flowers Printable

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With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday and spring in the air here in (most parts) of the UK, here’s a downloadable sheet to colour in, covered in flowers 🙂

It could the part of a homemade Mother’s Day card, or some wrapping paper, or just something pretty to doodle on.  If you click on the image and save it, you can print it at home.

colouring flowers by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The Christmas I stayed in bed and ate pizza

Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by samdrawsthings 2 Comments

ponderings banner by Sam Goodlet -

Pondering Christmas with the help of the Comfort Fairy

I have a little pattern of thoughts on loop at the moment that goes a bit like this…

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

No it isn’t.

“‘Tis the season to be jolly…”

No it isn’t.

Because, for me, winter isn’t this magical season full of jolliness and cheer. It’s the opposite. I live in the UK so…It’s dark. Grey. Cold. Wet. Bleak.

And I struggle sometimes to be festive.

Three years ago was particularly rough – I’d been through a break up, was living with my (very kind) brother and his girlfriend having left my home, and my dog was living with my (very patient) parents. Although I was in a good place in some ways, as Christmas approached I just felt sick. After talking to a couple of friends who never really ‘do’ Christmas, I opted out of all festivities, walked the dog, cried a lot and ate pizza. It was a tough day but I know it could’ve been worse. And opting out was what I felt I needed to do to cope that year; it needed to just be another day.

A realisation dawned on me as I thought about that year and everyone going through tough Christmases this year…

Winter is hard. Just plain difficult regardless of what might be going on in your life at the time.

Our systems are often run down, we’re not getting enough vitamin D, it feels like the sun has abandoned us and then we add in this sudden intense pressure to do Christmas Things in a particular way (be jolly, spend all the money, buy perfect presents for everyone, see family, overeat)…and that can just feel like too much.

But then I remembered…

We invented Mid-winter celebrations like Christmas because winter is hard.

The Christians were wise to move Christmas to match the pagan calendar to convert the Northern Hemisphere.  We need a celebration to mark the coming of the sun, as the nights stop lengthening and the days start lengthening instead. We need things like candles and warm food, evergreens, fires, companionship, compassion and sharing.

It’s not meant to be an extra stress or pressure; we didn’t invent it to make ourselves feel crap (there’s a whole host of reasons why it might have become that), but in its honest heart, it’s the opposite.

A time to take a breath. To recognise the darkness and that we are in its heaviest time. To find the light wherever we can. To be a light for others when we can.

And even though this year I’m feeling quite excited about Christmas, having those thoughts set me free.

It helped me to see that when I do struggle to feel happy and festive, that’s ok. If I don’t manage to send cards to everyone who sends me one, it’s alright.  If I can’t get my act together to give gifts, that’s ok too.  If I need to opt out, to reshape Christmas to suit where I am at the time, that’s do-able.

This year, I’m sending Christmas-time cards because I’ve missed the post.  And that’s ok.

So whatever the last year has brought you, in whatever position you find yourself in at Christmas; the biggest gift is to be gentle with yourself.

If we can remember that at the heart of these winter holidays is the idea of bringing light to the darkness, we might behave quite differently.  If you’re feeling dark and the fairy lights of Christmas are only making things gloomier, it’s ok to turn them off.

Feeling festive

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On Saturday we had a Sam draws things stand at the magical Brockenhurst Christmas Fair – there was a Santa’s grotto and everything! I had my first mulled wine of the year and that festive feeling started creeping up on me.

Unicorns have been heading off to new homes as Christmas pressies – and the reaction to them in person just makes my heart sing. Wrapping up orders and posting them is making me feel like a Christmas elf 🙂

You can find the unicorns in the Sam draws things shop here, and request gift wrapping if you’d like to make it extra special with a hand-painted label.

We are also starting to get Christmassy in the art sessions I run with Busylizzy Winchester. Last week we made some snowflake decorations and fairies for the tree, and this week it’ll be Christmas cards. If you’d like to come along you can find out more here.

My Curious Eyes

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I’m taking part this week in a really lovely photo challenge run by Karen Ward.  We are set a different theme every day and challenged to snap something inspired by it… The first prompt was ‘interesting’…

Doggy Danger! A Cautionary Tail…

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With Easter fast approaching, there are some human treats that we need to be careful to keep away from our canine companions.  We learnt this the hard way after Shadow the Dog (who is on a diet and therefore extra hungry and prone to food stealing) snaffled and ate an entire 325g packet of hot cross buns!  With over 100g of raisins in, it was a late night trip to the emergency vet for us, and an injection for him to make them all come back up again.  I have never seen him look so miserable!  His tail was hanging down like a rag.  But it could have been SO much worse and he is fully recovered now, thank goodness.  Time to be extra wary about what we leave in doggy reach (and reassess how far/high he can actually reach!).

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🐶☠️Doggy danger! We had a horrible emergency trip to the vet last week after our dog stole and ate an entire packet of hot cross buns! Like chocolate, raisins and grapes can be poisonous to dogs. So we went to the vet with a waggly tailed dog who was given an injection to make him vomit. It took about 3 minutes – the tail stopped wagging, his legs went wobbly and he felt very sorry for himself even after everything had left his system. It could have been MUCH worse and he is fine now. Please share: Easter is another time of year to keep an eye on what our furry friends get up to! Call your vet as soon as you think they might have eaten something they shouldn't #triptothevet #scary #doggydanger #protectthepups #eastertreatsarenotfordogs

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Painting with yoghurt

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Falling in love…with work

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Make a pot of green tea.  Shuffle around some of the clutter that has taken over the art room in the last nine-ish months, but don’t tidy too much, don’t get distracted. 

Add deadlines and Important Dates to my new Year Planner. 

Enjoy the unusual quiet of some time just me (and the dog, the quiet won’t last too long). 

Take a deep breath and re-find my working, drawing, thinking self behind my new mama bear self…

Valentine’s Day feels like a lovely day to be getting back to work after maternity leave.  And I DO love my work; I’m so lucky.  I have really missed it, even though I’ve been drawing and doing creative things when I can, often drawing with a baby asleep on me.  Not that our one is a big fan of sleep…

Baby fairy by Sam Goodlet -

It’s been a beautiful, mind blowing, whirlwind of time since I started my leave in May and since Tristan’s arrival in June.  We have fallen in love with our little pixie, survived baby’s first cold, first teeth, and delighted in first smile, first giggle, first words…

And my creativity has been bubbling away the entire time, waiting for moments when it can explode out.

One of the most inspiring and joyful things has been how much Tristan, now just over 8 months, likes my drawings. When he was really new, the black and white ones almost hypnotised him!  It was wonderful and has inspired some new project ideas I need to find some time to bring to life.

Family portrait as Foxes by Sam Goodlet -

Today though, I have some really exciting projects to get started on, including more work with the wonderful Charlie Locks Skincare who I did some illustrations for as part of their Christmas camapaign.

charlie locks bag by Sam Goodlet -

I also have a new book project with Bloomsbury Sigma to get stuck in to.

So, wish me luck.  Here I go… the tidying will have to wait. 🙂








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