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Urban Tails illustrations by Sam Taylor

I was lucky enough to work for this amazing small charity for about 7 years.  Froglife is committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, and works with people from diverse backgrounds to dig ponds, survey for wildlife, and inspire others to love often forgotten creatures – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards.  They do amazing things, often  with limited resources.

newt illustration by Sam Goodlet -

I began as a project officer, coordinating Grass Roots Green Shoots for young offenders in local green spaces in 2006.  Following that I ran a few other inclusive and fun projects before moving onto the communications side.  I’ve illustrated a number of their publications including Just Add Water and Urban Tails.

invertebrate illustrations by Sam Goodlet -

Just Add Water illustration by Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comI lead a rebrand of the charity in 2010, creating their logo and drawing all sorts of colourful plants and creatures in use in their branding.  I took on art direction of the website, newsletter and other publications as Communications Coordinator and Deputy CEO.  This also involved working on the PR for the charity, including getting to grips with social media and coordinating media appearances, with Froglife and amphibians and reptiles being featured on SpringWatch and The One Show.

Natterchat magazine from Froglife

One of the things I am most proud of is how the organisation took on my creative ideas and suggestions and ran with them, making them a key part of what they do.  In 2009 we won Best Science Event for Life Under the Surface, an interactive art installation created by hundreds of young people in Peterborough for National Science and Engineering Week.  We set up a walk-in installation in a former pub that was being run as a gallery by View 5, and filled it with sculptures of pond creatures 10 times larger than the real thing, created from recycled materials.  The aim was to bring biodiversity in ponds to life and really show what it feels like inside a pond from a frog’s point of view.  We ran interactive workshops for school groups and drop in visitors, which included a visit from a special needs school who taught us loads of sign language for the different animals.  This approach has been built into the London Dragon Finder project, with similar installations being created all over the City.

Christmas card for Froglife by Sam Taylor -

I was also involved in fundraising for new projects, learning a lot about how the application process works and how to develop good relationships with different funders.

You can find cards with some of my images on for sale in the Froglife online shop.

Froglife Christmas card illustration by Sam Taylor -

I left Froglife in 2013 to go freelance, but still remain passionate about the cause and continue to work with the charity.  Most recently, I was involved in The Scale of the Problem: The perception  of amphibians and reptiles, a project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, looking at how views of the animals effects levels of support for their conservation.

Illustration for Just Add Water by Sam Goodlet - (3)

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