Badgerween 2019

Badger Sett logo by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The Badger Sett is a collective of creatives fundraising for the Badger Trust’s brilliant badger vaccination project. 

The Badger Vaccination Project was set up to help fund, promote and increase the number of volunteer led badger vaccination programmes.

It costs £1,000 to cull one badger, but £200 to vaccinate one.

£ 15 could provide a box of syringes to a vaccination project
£ 30 could pay for a bag of bait peanuts to help vaccinators catch the badgers
£ 50 could purchase one vaccine
£ 200 could cover all costs to vaccinate one badger
£ 500 could fund a supplies kit for a project
£ 1000 could fund essential equipment for a new vaccination project
£ 1300 could pay for the training and certification of one vaccinator

If you make and sell things, we’d love you to get involved and to donate a percentage to this brilliant cause.  You can sign up to join in here.

Or, if you already know that you’re going to want to buy some lovely badger-inspired things and help fundraise, you can sign up to the Badger Sett news here.  We’ll keep you posted as all the goodies are launched!

The Badger Sett started when I did a bit of a call out for other people to help me support the Badger Trust on social media.  It was so lovely and exciting to see all the people who wanted to be involved!

I love badgers and have been in despair since the beginning of the cull.  It was so refreshing to read the news about an alternative.

We started with Badgerween – a black and white stripy celebration of Halloween which raised over £300 in October 2018.

Jane Brumwell donated lovingly made copper and silver progress keepers.  They are in stock in my shop, with 100% of the sale price going to badgers.  You can find them here.

The Yarn Badger donated kits to knit the brilliant Goose Eye Hat and there is just one left available here!  Again 100% of the sale price is going to badgers.

The Crimson Rabbit has a knitting pattern for legwarmers 🙂

Hand Made by Jayney has badger double pointed needle (DPN) cases

And I am using the prompts from Mab’s Drawlloween club on Instagram to create spooky and cute badger artwork.  You can find a selection of badger prints like the one below in the Sam Draws Things shop in the Badgerween section




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