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Banshee Yarns is a new indy-dyer creating spooky yarns inspired by all things spooky.  They are launching June 2019 and I have had the absolute pleasure of creating a logo and setting up their branding for them.  This was so much fun!

They had a vision of a Banshee in an inky, watercolour cape.  I played around with a few different versions of her (with and without eyes) before they settled on this magically creepy lady hiding under the hood of her swirling cape.

Banshee Yarn branding by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.com

The gorgeous fonts are from Misprinted Type.

It was just such a gorgeous project to work on.  I also designed a yarn band that will be wrapped around their yummy gothic skeins.

You can find Banshee Yarns on Instagram here and see some of the branding in action:

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Launching June 2019

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I also helped them to turn the artwork into a pop up banner for a yarn show.  This was super exciting – I think this is the biggest my art has ever been displayed!

If you’d like some help with your branding or logo, and want to magical-ise your marketing you can drop me an email for a chat here 🙂




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