Logo for Crafter’s Balm

The amazing Laura Bailes is knows as the Lonely Knitter, and has a fab podcast and Instagram. She absolutely SMASHED her goals with a crowd funder for Crafter’s Balm, a hand cream designed especially for knitters and other crafters to carry around without spilling and splurging all over their beautiful creations.

I was so happy to hear that a branding pack from me was included as a stretch goal – when she hit it, she reached out to collaborate on a new logo.

This was an interesting project, and my intuition took over!

Laura originally was thinking of a logo with a bee hive. I drew a few different options for her, and then I could suddenly see this really cute little bee character in my imagination…

I included her in the first rough stage and Laura fell in love, naming her Beatrice. I can’t wait to see her appearing on all the things 🙂

If you have a project or new business idea and you’d like some help from my magical brain, drop me an email!


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