Logo for Made by Torty B

I am so excited to reveal my logo design for the talented Vic @madebytortyb!

Vic is a creative Wonder Woman who has all sorts of talents, and I wanted to create a handmade world that communicated all the different things she can do.

Vic has a friendly and colourful new logo for her main Made By Torty B brand, and sub-branding for her crochet classes and her ‘a little bit greener’ collection. I can’t wait to see the designs start popping up all over the place, complementing her beautiful products and wonderful teaching skills.

Made by Torty B logo and branding by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comMy Facebook told me I’ve been friends with Vic for 12 years! We used to work together supporting young offenders and digging ponds. So it was gorgeous to create something for her blossoming business. It also made my usual magic of tuning in to my client’s a wee bit more effortless as I could already really see Vic and her knew just what her superpowers are. She is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know, bubbling with an irresistible bouncy energy.

That’s what I do when I create logos and branding for people – find a way to make their super powers visible through drawings, fonts and colours. It’s about capturing the intangible things about someone and their business, so that everyone can see them at their shiniest and best! Call it their vibe or their ethos, it’s hard to put into words sometimes as it’s more about the feel and emotions behind their brand than anything logical. And my job is a lot about using my intuition to feel into that.

Good luck with your new branding lovely Vic! Head over to @madebytortyb to give her some love

And if you would like to nab one of my spots to get a new logo and branding before Christmas, you can drop me an email and we can start to play with some ideas

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