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The nature's footnote podcast banner, illustrated by Sam Taylor -

Whilst working for Froglife, I met the talented and lovely Jules Howard.  We worked together for a number of years before Jules left to set up his own business and start a blossoming career as an environmental educator, writer and blogger.

The [nature’s footnote] blog is where Jules shares opinions, reviews nature books and occasionally vents his spleen about our efforts to conserve the natural world.  I started illustrating the blog in 2013, creating a new banner and images to go with the posts.

nature's footnote newsletter with illustration by Sam Taylor -

At the beginning of 2014, Jules and I started the [nature’s footnote] podcast, a semi-regular green room for informal chat about nature, zoology, conservation and wildlife.  Every episode, we review the latest good and bad news from the sector – Jules covers the doom and gloom and I try to lighten it up with some much harder to find happy news.  We also have an Outdoor Bit where we go in search of encounters with local wildlife and do reviews of books, documentaries and other relevant stuff.

Project Wild Thing doodle by Sam Goodlet -

Reading White Beech by Sam Goodlet -

nature's footnote illustrations by Sam Goodlet -

You can listen to the podcasts below, or subscribe on iTunes here.

Episode 7.  December 2014.  End of Year Special. We get hoity toity in the British Library – Jules rants about the Discovery Channel and kinky penguins.  Our crushes on Lucy Cooke and Ben Garrod – new theme music needed for sharks

Episode 6. June 2014.  THE GREEN BLOB, plus fish lice and… is Lucy Cooke the next Attenborough?

Episode 5. May 2014. Springwatch turns 10! Bear Grylls turns stomachs! EDNA, peacock spiders, post-coital Sam (don’t ask)… Read the episode 5 newsletter here


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