Nursery art collection

Since having my little boy and realising the magical effect of black and white artwork on small people, I’ve been building a collection of beautiful art for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

Creating my son’s nursery was a therapeutic, creative and logistical pleasure – he was ‘overdue’ so it gave me something to do after his due date had passed and after he was born and I refound myself, adding finishing touches helped me to remember my strengths.

Sun and Moon nursery art collection

Inspired by Tristan’s sky-themed room, the first part of the collection is the Sun and Moon cluster of mounted prints.

The idea is that you could hang them all together for a high impact display of baby-friendly art, but they also look very lovely individually or in little groups (like the cloud and the raindrops).

Sun and Moon art cluster by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

They are designed to have high contrast, black and white elements that will catch the eye of smaller babies (they are almost hypnotised by these sort of images for the first few months) with enough colour to delight older babies and children as they grow.  They are gender neutral and tie in with different nursery decor.

They are mounted on a slightly speckled board with a black innner rim, and putting them in black frames would add even more baby-hypno powers!

You can find it all in my online shop here, or drop me an email if you are interested in finding out more.

Baby name prints

Little Percy was the recipient of my first baby name print.  He was born in June and has one of the best birth stories I have ever heard – he was caught by his mum’s best friend in the kitchen!  Best friend Katie commissioned a special baby name print to celebrate the special new arrival.

Each letter has a different animal, and Percy’s date of birth is underneath.   You can order a personalised baby name print (with or without a frame) in my shop here, or drop me an email to have a chat about what you’re looking for.


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