Illustrating PIG/PORK

I love drawing animals, and I love reading and thinking about our relationship with them.  So it was an absolute thrill to be part of another book project that opens up all sorts of questions and conversations about animals, this time focussed on the charismatic and ubiquitous pig.

Zooarchaeologist Pia Spry-Marqués brings a really interesting angle to her book PIG/PORK – she takes the reader right back to some of our earliest interactions between wild boar and humans, traces the evolution of different species and breeds, and shares some fascinating stories and case studies that highlight the idiosyncrasies in our relationships with our porcine friends.

I read the manuscript and made a list of suggestions for chapter heading illustrations which Pia and Anna at Bloomsbury and I developed.  You can see each image below.

PIG/PORK: Archaeology, Zoology and Edibility by Pia Spry-Marqués was published by Bloomsbury Sigma on the 13th of July 2017. 

Babirusa by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The fierce-looking wild Babirusa is found in Indonesia.

Pig dogu figurine by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Japanese Dogu style sculpture of a boar.

Pig and sty by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Chinese Min pig, lying in front of his sty to echo the Mandarin character for home.

Pig and swill bucket by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Gloucestershire Old Spot pig and a swill bucket.

Glowing pig by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Glow in the dark pig, from genetic experiments giving pigs bio-luminescent genes.

T. solium parasite by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The tapeworm, a parasite often found in pork.

Suckling piglets by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Suckling piglets.

Hooves (cow, pig and goat) by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

A cow hoof, pig’s trotter and goat’s hoof.

Pig in Tuscany by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Tuscan pig on a marble plinth in the alps where Lardo is made from their fat.

Swimming pig 311 by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Pig 311.  This was one of the most incredible stories in the book – a pig escaped a boat full of animals that was near a nuclear test site in the ’50s, and swam for freedom.

Wild boar by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Wild boar investigating an outstretched human hand.








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