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Creating the logo and branding for Sorted Dorset was sooooo much fun.  And it really showed how starting with a joint Pinterest board with my clients pays off – Hannah pinned all sorts of feisty, cheeky and beautiful pins that really helped me to tune in to her and her new business.  It lead to a logo design that is fun and colourful, and will help to establish a connection between Hannah and her potential clients.

Sorted Dorset logo and branding by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

One of the logo options in the first rough stage (where I give people a few different ideas to choose from) was a flag-waving guinea pig.  She didn’t make the cut as the logo, but we both loved her so much she stayed on as part of the branding, as a bit of a mascot to use in the wider marketing of the business.

Sorted Dorset logo and branding by illustrator Sam Goodlet -


Like all my branding clients, Hannah has a style guide with tips on how to use her branding, a house colour pallette to keep her marketing materials consistent, and her logo and the guinea pig in lots of different file formats, ready to share all over the place!

If you’d like some help with a logo or branding, you can drop me an email.

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