Illustrating The Ethical Carnivore

Stag by Sam Goodlet -

The Ethical Carnivore: My Year of Killing to Eat by Louise Gray is simply an incredible book, and winner of two Guild of Food Writer AwardsYou can read about my meeting with Louise here.

Illustrating the book was a joy and a challenge.  There was a wonderful list of animals to draw, and what Louise and I wanted to create was a tribute to the living, breathing animal that was chosen to represent each chapter, most of whom were killed and eaten in the narrative.  We wanted to honour the animals in a way that reflects the message of the book – that we must not forget that meat was once a living creature that generally someone else killed for us to eat.

Louise wanted some quite specific looks on the faces of the animals and I was sometimes recreating moments she had seen on her journey through abattoirs and fields that only existed in her mind’s eye, like the stag in the gloaming frontispiece above.  With Julie Bailey at Bloomsbury we worked through a few different roughs for quite a few of the images before the final illustrations below came together.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this fascinating and important project.

The Ethical Carnivore: My Year of Killing to Eat by Louise Gray was published by Bloomsbury Sigma in September 2016.

Some of the original illustrations are for sale here.

Rabbit by Sam Goodlet -

Blaze the rabbit for the prologue.

Oysters by Sam Goodlet -

Recreating a flourishing undersea habitat around an oyster bed.

Brown trout by Sam Goodlet -

A magical ‘brownie’ brown trout.

Piglets by Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comGloucester old spot piglets.

Lamb by Sam Goodlet -

A tribute both to the lambs in the book and the lamb I met that led me to going veggie aged 10/11.

Veal calves by Sam Goodlet -

Cheeky veal calves.

Cow through bars by Sam Goodlet -

A moment Louise had looking into the eyes of a cow.

Pig tail by Sam Goodlet -

Free range pigs.

Morroccan sheep by Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.comA sheep Louise met on a roof top in Morocco

Rescue hen by Sam Goodlet -

A rescue hen sitting in a laundry basket.

Pheasant by Sam Goodlet -

Pheasant in flight.

Grey squirrel by Sam Goodlet -

A cheeky fat grey squirrel.

Mackerel by Sam Goodlet -

Mackerel the ‘tigers of the sea.’

Leaping salmon by Sam Goodlet -

Leaping salmon.

Stag by Sam Goodlet -

8-pointed stag.

House cricket by Sam Goodlet -

A house cricket.

Rabbit on a bookeshelf by Sam Goodlet -

Rabbit sitting in good company on a bookshelf in the Bloomsbury office.













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