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Witchwood Fibres specialise in hand dyed yarn and fabrics.  They use natural ingredients like oak galls and dog wood to create the most beautiful pastel shades and effects.

When Proby got in touch asking about help with their logo and branding, I was so excited.  Witchwood is another name for the rowan tree; traditionally the best tree to craft your magic wand from.  She wanted something witch-y and magical to capture the essence of her growing brand, and the alchemical processes of her dyeing.

We started with my usual process of a Pinterest board and a bit of a chat about ideas.  I tried a few different options with cauldrons and spinning wheels in the first rough stage, but they didn’t quite work.  I’d also created some botanical illustrations that Proby really liked, and she suggested a circular layout for them with a rowan tree so we tried that in the second rough stage, and I added a moon for the final logo.

Her branding pack has a full colour version, one with a white background and a black and white version.

Witchwood Fibres logo and branding by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.com

This was my first logo that was created fully digitally using Procreate on my iPad.  It really sped up the process and gave me some extra effects to play with.

I also created a business card and we are setting up a stamp with The Little Stamp Store which Proby is going to print onto luggage tags to tie to the items in her shop.  I can’t wait to see that in action – it’s going to look so pretty and add a lovely touch that really echoes the natural feel of her products.

Witchwood Fibres logo and branding by illustrator Sam Goodlet - www.samdrawsthings.com

If you are interested in a logo or some help with your branding, and would like me to magicalise your marketing, drop me an email!



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