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Lovely Lupins!

Posted on: July 11th, 2018 by samdrawsthings No Comments

Woah, this year feels like it’s going really fast!  We are just over half way through the wonderful Flower Power Fund project (which looks like it’s going to happen again next year) and there have already been 9 lovely flower-inspired yarns, created by talented independent yarn dyers from all over the UK.

It’s been a gorgeous way to practice my own take on botanical illustration as I’ve created matching prints for each month.  Here they are so far:

Flower Power Fund flowers by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

This month feels like a really special one, as it’s the turn of Jane from Hedgerow Yarns.  Jane and I have been friends for a long time and had some lovely adventures together, and it was doing her branding that lead me into the wonderful wooly world that I’m now part of!

Jane’s yarn is STUNNING.  Inspired by pretty country garden lupins, it’s just so subtle and beautiful.  You can find the Lupin yarn in her Etsy shop here, and my matching print here.



The Flower Power Fund goes live

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EDIT: available to purchase NOW! link in profile! SO happy to be part of such a wonderful cause raising money for Marie Curie. @sherlock_knits is undertaking the most wonderful task of organising a year of flowers for all you yarn fans out there! 12 months, 12 dyers, 12 flowers. I’m honoured to be first up, dyeing up yarn for January. My flower is “Snowdrop” and it is in the dye pots right now! It will be available on 4 bases (Super Sock, Gold Sparkle, BFL Sock and MCN Sock) and will be on a Ready to Ship and Pre-Order basis. Photos of the yarn will follow later when it’s dry.! It will be available in the shop to purchase tonight at 8pm GMT, with £3.50 from the sale of each Skein being donated to Marie Curie. Artwork by @samdrawsthings #crochetersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer #norahgeorgeyarns #mariecurie #flowerpowerfund

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An exciting new project launched on Wednesday at 8pm – raising funds for Marie Curie, 12 independent yarn dyers are creating 12 beautiful knitting yarns inspired by different flowers.  A new yarn will be launched every month in 2018.

Hand-dyed yarn is the designer end of knitting – the beautiful coloured skeins are generally created in small batches that often sell out reeeeeally fast.  I’ve had a little glimpse into this wonderful woolly world through created the branding for the gorgeous Hedgerow Yarns.  Jane’s scrummy creations sell out in minutes!

And following on from that bit of loveliness, I was commissioned by the wonderful Sarah Holmes to create the logo and branding for The Flower Power Fund.  You can find them on Instagram here and Sarah’s Just Giving page with more info is here.  Sarah is doing all sorts of awesome things to raise funds this year, and it’s not the first time.  Last year she ran a campaign that meant that everyone in a Marie Curie hospice got a beautiful pair of hand-kintted socks for Christmas, and sold a sock knitting pattern to raise almost £600.

The Flower Power Fund first yarn was Snowdrop by Norah George and it’s so pretty!  There is a limited batch ready to ship, and luckily this time they are also going to be made to order when that sells out.  They were snapped up really quickly on Wednesday after they launched 🙂

You can buy Snowdrop online here.

And if you NEED to know when all those lovely yarns are being launched and set your Yarn Alarm, you can sign up to join the mailing list and keep up with the news here.

Yarn Alarm banner by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Hedgerow Yarns branding looking lovely :)

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Blushing hedgehogs and knitting

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I love hedgehogs.  They are probably one of the first wild mammals I remember seeing when I was little – my dad rescued one that had got stuck in a fence in the garden, and we all marveled at her twitching nose and impressive spines.

It wasn’t until I was illustrating ‘Sex on Earth‘ that I started to consider how these prickly little creatures coped with mating… all those spines do make it rather tricky.  For the book, author Jules Howard went to visit Hedgehog Hugh – hedgehog expert Hugh Warwick – who of course, is well versed in how the animals do all sorts of things.

When hoping to mate, hedgehogs occasionally make mini crop circles in long grass known rather sweetly as ‘hedgehog carousels.’  As the male tries to approach the female, if she isn’t ready to mate she leads him on a bit of a dance until she is happy to lower her prickles and let him close.  You can see my illustration of two hedgehogs ‘dancing’ by the light of the moon in my Etsy shop here.

Over the last  couple of weeks I’ve been really enjoying drawing hedgehogs again.

Passionate knitter Jane Hunter approached me to do some branding for her new online shop Hedgerow Yarns.  It was a lovely project – drawing hedgerow plants and creating a logo, social media banners and a band to go around her skeins of hand-dyed wool.  Of course, with a business name like that, the brand really needed a hedgehog.

I used brown ink for the illustrations, and the final branding elements ended up looking a rather pleasing crushed blackberry colour, with a blush of pink to them.  I think perhaps the hedgehog is blushing because I keep talking to people about her sex life…

You can find Hedgerow Yarns on Etsy here.

Etsy banner for Hedgerow Yarns by Sam Taylor -


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