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Drawing Inspiration: Bump and Boo Winchester

Posted on: January 28th, 2019 by samdrawsthings No Comments

drawing inspiration by Sam Goodlet -

It’s been a little while since I’ve gone out and about purely with the purpose of sketching.  So it was exciting to get back into it on Sunday at the Bump and Boo event at Winchester Guildhall.

Aimed at parents and parents-to-be, it was a busy day packed with stalls and talks with activities and play spaces for little ones too.  It was great reminder of all the organisations that are in the local area ready to help families.   The Guildhall is also such a pretty venue, it makes a lovely back drop 🙂

It took me a little while to find my sketching vibe again; when I was a student I had no qualms about drawing everyone all the time and simply sitting in a corner doodling but this time I felt quite self-conscious!  And of course when you’re drawing people out and about they move, which is part of the challenge and can lead to some lovely quick marks.

But looking back at the sketches, I think I caught some of the friendly and buzzy atmosphere…

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

It was like entering a bit of a magical treasure trove for families.

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

This was only Bump and Boo’s second event so far, and it was so buzzing and vibrant.

Nicky and The Caterpillar Music stand were really fun to draw!

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

And after buying a gorgeous pair of leggings from Equally Awesome for my purple-obsessed little boy, I had a big chat with Rachel who makes everything about how hard it is to find fun boys clothes, especially as they get bigger.  Baby stuff can be cute, but a lot of the bigger boy’s clothes are just mini versions of boring men’s clothes.  Also, not enough unicorns (or enough purple) for our family’s tastes.  I stood for a while to do a longer sketch of Rachel’s colourful stall:

Drawing from Bump and Boo event by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

Thanks and well done Bump and Boo!  Not only was it a fabulous event, it was also such a lovely opportunity to get back into some quick drawing.  They will also now have some cute sketches to us in their promotional material, hopefully helping the next event to be even bigger and better!

If you’d like me to come and sketch at your event, do get in touch.  You can see some of my other Drawing Inspiration sketches here.

Falling in love…with work

Posted on: February 14th, 2017 by samdrawsthings No Comments

Make a pot of green tea.  Shuffle around some of the clutter that has taken over the art room in the last nine-ish months, but don’t tidy too much, don’t get distracted. 

Add deadlines and Important Dates to my new Year Planner. 

Enjoy the unusual quiet of some time just me (and the dog, the quiet won’t last too long). 

Take a deep breath and re-find my working, drawing, thinking self behind my new mama bear self…

Valentine’s Day feels like a lovely day to be getting back to work after maternity leave.  And I DO love my work; I’m so lucky.  I have really missed it, even though I’ve been drawing and doing creative things when I can, often drawing with a baby asleep on me.  Not that our one is a big fan of sleep…

Baby fairy by Sam Goodlet -

It’s been a beautiful, mind blowing, whirlwind of time since I started my leave in May and since Tristan’s arrival in June.  We have fallen in love with our little pixie, survived baby’s first cold, first teeth, and delighted in first smile, first giggle, first words…

And my creativity has been bubbling away the entire time, waiting for moments when it can explode out.

One of the most inspiring and joyful things has been how much Tristan, now just over 8 months, likes my drawings. When he was really new, the black and white ones almost hypnotised him!  It was wonderful and has inspired some new project ideas I need to find some time to bring to life.

Family portrait as Foxes by Sam Goodlet -

Today though, I have some really exciting projects to get started on, including more work with the wonderful Charlie Locks Skincare who I did some illustrations for as part of their Christmas camapaign.

charlie locks bag by Sam Goodlet -

I also have a new book project with Bloomsbury Sigma to get stuck in to.

So, wish me luck.  Here I go… the tidying will have to wait. 🙂








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