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Witchy portrait commissions

Posted on: September 18th, 2019 by samdrawsthings No Comments

I could see her so clearly, my little inner witch. 🧙‍♀️ It was in a dream. She’s about 8” tall, and towers tinily over her sacred fire. She’s sort of a miniature version of me, but with a wider, more elfin face, huge deep eyes and even more hair. She bustles with a magnetic energy, not concerned with her stature at all and completely comfortable in her own power… so I had to draw her. And add some flames for her to conjure with 🔥

My witchy self portrait over on Instagram really resonated with people.  I had a lovely reaction to sharing this part of myself, and quite a few requests for me to draw other people.

Sooo, I have a few spots for commissions of YOUR inner witch.

So far I’ve drawn the magical Mishelle:

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@mishelle_bee as a witch! 🧙‍♀️ 🦋 . I absolutely loved capturing the inner witch of this beautiful lady for her portrait commission. She’s surrounded by her favourite colours and her butterfly familiars. And if anyone knows about the power of transformation, it’s this lady. We’ve become virtual friends and I feel so lucky to have her to chat to, especially about parenting stuff. She’s ace. You also need to pop over to see what she wrote about this little video over on her profile cos OHMYGODDESS the words are so pure and perfect. ⭐️ I’ve got a few spaces for witchy portrait commissions open at the moment if you’d like me to draw you too. You can drop me a message for a chat about witchy magic! 🧙‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #WitchyPortraits #InnerWitch #IllustratorsOfInstagram #Transformation #Pixaloop #Halloween #BeMoreWitch

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And the stunning Sara:

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Envisioning the super cool Sara @ashes2phoenix as a witch, with her bunny familiar conjuring spells in their magical fire 🧙‍♀️🐰🔥 . My heart is glowing with fiery magic too. Sharing my little inner witch and then hearing how she’d resonated you has been so lovely. She popped up in a dream and I’m so pleased I was brave enough to share her with you. She was only about 8 inches tall but super powerful. . I’m absolutely brimming with joy to be creating these witchy portraits! . If you would like to be a witch too, here’s how it works: . ⭐️ drop me a message and send me some pics of yourself or a link to your Instagram with some selfies . ⭐️ I will create a customised drawing of you with your witchy fire. Let me know if you have any favourite colours or familiars. . ⭐️ for £40 you will get a little video with animated flames and pretty bits to share on social media . ⭐️ for £50 you’ll get that plus an A5 print of your drawing . Wanna see how I conjugate up your inner witch? Drop me a message! . (And you don’t have to be female to be a witch or play with the magical flames!) . . . . . . . . . . . #Witch #WitchyThings #Halloween #Samhain #IllustratorsOfInstagram #Portraits #WitchCraft #WitchesOfInstagram #WhiteWitch #PagansOfInstagram #RabbitFamiliar #RabbitPatronus

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If you would like a portrait of your inner witch, you can message me on Instagram, find them in my online shop here, or drop me an email.

Here’s how it works:
⭐️ drop me a message and send me some pics of yourself or a link to your Instagram with some selfies
⭐️ I will create a customised witch drawing for you
⭐️ for £40 you will get a little video with animated flames and pretty bits, to share on your social media
⭐️ for £50 you’ll get that plus an A5 print of the drawing

I am having so much fun creating these magical portraits, and adding in cute animal familiars.

Launching my new collection

Posted on: October 11th, 2017 by samdrawsthings No Comments

A new collection from illustrator Sam Goodlet -

I delighted to announce the launch of my magical new collection which will be happening online and in person at:

The Witches, Fairies and Hippies Fair

Sunday the 29th of October 2017

11am – 4pm

West Totton Community Centre, Hazel Farm Road, Southampton, SO40 8WU

Check out their event page here for all the info.

There’s a £2 entry fee and a fab raffle with loads of other wonderful stalls.

Come along and find the Sam Draws Things stand for illustrated goodies like cards, prints and original artwork as well as some gorgeous new gift ideas.

I’m busy working away on things to sell, including a range of things inspired by the Comfort Fairy 🙂

The Comfort Fairy by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

There will also be a collection of unicorns ready to find their new homes, and this will be the first time they will be out in public. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait.

Drawing on unicorns - by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The new collection will be available in my online shop too, but this is a great chance to see things up close and fall in love, so pop along and say hello 🙂

You can see my page for the launch on Facebook here.


Happy Lammas

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Ripening apples with baby bee gardener 🐝 blimey it's been a funny old parenting day today. From feeling smug that we had a spare cuddly doggy when Tris freaked out seeing his favourite toy going round in the washing machine, to the clean cuddly doggy getting dunked in a bucket of water so NO cuddly doggies. Then we just couldn't get him to sleep tonight, maybe doggy related but we also realised he has a molar coming through. A 30 minute plus panicky search for the calpol ended in the wardrobe, where a certain baby bee had hidden it. He eventually crashed out snuggled with the real doggy (who hates snuggles) on the sofa at like 10pm. Here's hoping that means a lie in tomorrow… it means a lie in, right?! #stopcensoringmotherhood #thisisparenting #teething #andawonderweektoo #leap9 #weneedmorebiscuits #parenting #breathe

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