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Selkie Seals in the Sam Draws Things shop

Posted on: March 8th, 2016 by samdrawsthings No Comments

Looking for a unique gift or something to brighten up your walls this Spring?¬† ūüôā

I’ve been having a bit of a reorganise over on the Sam Draws Things Etsy shop, and am adding some new product ranges over the next few months.¬† I’m aiming to have a mix of items at different prices for different budget, with more cards, prints and original illustrations for you to choose from.

You can find some cute selkie seal prints from Dive Down, my illustrated fairy tale (which is available as a PDF download or on Amazon here) over in the shop now:

3 selkie seals by Sam Goodlet -

Set of 3 selkie seal prints, mounted in seal-grey card £40

Morgance the Selkie Seal by Sam Goodlet -

Morgance the Selkie Seal, mounted print £15

Morveren the Selkie Seal by Sam Goodlet -

Morveren the Selkie Seal, mounted print £15

Mungo the Selkie Seal by Sam Goodlet -

Mungo the Selkie Seal, print £15

Moving and Flowing by Sam Goodlet -

Moving and Flowing, mounted print £20

Beauty is Everywhere by Sam Goodlet -

Beauty is Everywhere, mounted print £20

I love Etsy – it’s an amazing place to shop if you haven’t explored it before.¬† It’s somewhere for crafts people, designers and makers to sell their wares and you can find some incredible things!¬† It’s a great way to support creative people rather than shopping with the big retailers.¬† You need to set up an account to use it (which is very straightforward) and can pay by card or PayPal, and can save your favourite stores and items.¬† Happy shopping!


Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep launch

Posted on: June 21st, 2015 by samdrawsthings No Comments

dive down banner by Sam Goodlet -

Happy summer solstice!¬† I’m launching a new project that I am really excited about…

Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep is a very personal story.  I drew my way out of a difficult time and the drawings evolved into a book, which I am sharing to help and inspire others.

Today I start serialising the story via social media, with exciting plans coming up for other ways to share the book in physical and digital form.

Follow me by Sam Goodlet -

You can find out more on the Dive Down project page here.

seal by Sam Goodlet -

Based partly on Buddhist principles, Dive Down is a story about deep sea diving into the internal sea of our fears and anxieties Рsomewhere we tend to not want to look.  Through reading lots of books and meditating, I noticed where I was trying to move away from things that hurt me Рdistracting myself, hoping for something to make me feel better, when really it was that endless searching was the causing me the most pain.

The project became a collaboration between two Sams РSam Attenborough, a mentor and co-founder of Birdsong Charity Consulting added the words after the visual story was complete.

With a list of resources for further support included at the end of the tale and an inspiring Spotify playlist to accompany the book, we intend for Dive Down to be enjoyed by a range of people and shared further, to encourage other deep sea divers find their courage, take a deep breath, and dive into their own oceans to find calmness.

Follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or Google+ and watch out for a picture a day, followed by some special announcements and news about where the project is going next and how you can get involved.

seal by Sam Goodlet -




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