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What the hell is a call to action, and why do I want to add one…?

Posted on: January 23rd, 2020 by samdrawsthings No Comments

The Ideas Machine with illustrator Sam Goodlet -

The first time someone said to include a “call to action” in my social media posts, I really didn’t get it.

Then someone else said “do you ever tell people how to work with you?!” And a penny dropped.
Because…. erm…. I didn’t.

I realised I was being a bit like a princess locked in a tower – you pretty much had to fight through a bramble thicket, and conquer a dragon to become my client….

The first time I did a social media post and told people some of the options for how to commission me, I got a sale!  It sounds really obvious, doesn’t it?  But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only creative person who has been acting like Rapunzel and then wondering why they’re not getting any work!

Soooo, in my Facebook Group I’ve been doing come cheerleading to help other people not make the same mistakes I have, and I’ve made a sheet to work through with lots of ideas 🙂 And here it is!

If you have a go, do let me know how you get on.

You can save the pictures below, or download the guide to including a call to action in your social media as a PDF here.

How to include a call to action in your social media by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

How to include a call to action in your social media by illustrator Sam Goodlet -

If you’d like any help with your branding or a consultation through my new Ideas Machine service (and tips on how to stop acting like Rapuzel) drop me an email and let’s have a chat 🙂

Ponderings: Having a virtual tea party

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by samdrawsthings No Comments

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I was pondering the other day why I am finding Instagram such an interesting place to be at the moment, and realised one of the factors is the stories it brings into my life.  Mainstream media has so often tells stories with a narrow focus  – heterosexual love stories featuring men and women who fit acceptable archetypes.  And I’m bored of that now.  It’s not relevant and  there are just so many stories and characters missing.

But on Insta, I am following a wide and diverse range of individuals bringing their stories into my life.  People with different gender roles and identities, abilities and cultural backgrounds that have so often been missing, or made the focus of stories in a way that emphasises difference and exclusion.  And they are telling their own stories in their own voices, sharing their fears, scars, problems and bodies.  (That last one feels particularly important to me right now, as I grow older and try to feel more comfortable in my post-baby body).

I know that ‘social’ media has its own problems (not least the trolling and negative comments that bravery can attract), but the fact that the platform enables sharing and alternative narratives feels like such a good antidote to that narrow focus.   June is LGBTQ+ pride month and I’ve discovered some really educational and inspirational accounts as a result.

And the other factor is that I’m finding genuinely lovely connections on there, mostly thanks to the amazing Flower Power Fund.  I have never met such a kind and invested bunch of people – the community around this project is simply magical.

The other day I was feeling a bit wobbly and posted a something that was a bit more honest post that I have for a while about where my head was at, and also a bit of a plea…

The comments and support were so lovely!

Working from home and being freelance and being a mum can feel pretty isolating.  A couple of local friends reached out and we might actually manage to meet up for real cake, but it also turned into a little virtual tea party with lots of support and imaginary cake….


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