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Dive Down: Swimming off on a new adventure

Posted on: August 11th, 2015 by samdrawsthings No Comments

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I could really do with expanding my vocabulary… I am seriously over using the word ‘exciting’ at the moment.  I am writing this with the help of a thesaurus…because things are just so blooming exciting! So…. *ahem* …

I am delighted to share with you some exhilarating news about the next phase of Dive Down.

This inspiring journey started with me drawing my way through a difficult time in my life, and led to the creation of an illustrated story called Dive Down.

It’s an autobiographical fairy tale.  A self-help graphic novel.  An illustrated memoir.

It’s lots of different things, and now is also:

A paperback book available on Amazon here


A free PDF available by signing up here


And 100 pocket sized books that are being given away and left in different locations, which you can see starting to head off into the world on a map here.

Sharing the images on social media to begin with made me feel very vulnerable – I’ve never done such personal work before, and opening myself up like that was pretty scary.  But it was also thrilling.

Because I was helped by all kinds of creative, compassionate people and resources at the time I did the drawings, sharing my story and spreading the word about the help that is out there feels really important and empowering.  There is a list of the resources in the back of the book and which you can also find here.

As the story heads off into new hands and lives,  I feel incredibly excited.  More excited than I think I have ever been.  So excited I need to find some new words to express myself…

I’ve set up a new website specifically to host all of the Dive Down goodies at

One of the most moving bits of the process has been asking people for quotes to help spread the word and encourage others to download and read the story.  Here are some amazing words from some of the amazing people brave enough to share them with me:





Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep launch

Posted on: June 21st, 2015 by samdrawsthings No Comments

dive down banner by Sam Goodlet -

Happy summer solstice!  I’m launching a new project that I am really excited about…

Dive Down: Drawings from the Deep is a very personal story.  I drew my way out of a difficult time and the drawings evolved into a book, which I am sharing to help and inspire others.

Today I start serialising the story via social media, with exciting plans coming up for other ways to share the book in physical and digital form.

Follow me by Sam Goodlet -

You can find out more on the Dive Down project page here.

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Based partly on Buddhist principles, Dive Down is a story about deep sea diving into the internal sea of our fears and anxieties – somewhere we tend to not want to look.  Through reading lots of books and meditating, I noticed where I was trying to move away from things that hurt me – distracting myself, hoping for something to make me feel better, when really it was that endless searching was the causing me the most pain.

The project became a collaboration between two Sams – Sam Attenborough, a mentor and co-founder of Birdsong Charity Consulting added the words after the visual story was complete.

With a list of resources for further support included at the end of the tale and an inspiring Spotify playlist to accompany the book, we intend for Dive Down to be enjoyed by a range of people and shared further, to encourage other deep sea divers find their courage, take a deep breath, and dive into their own oceans to find calmness.

Follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or Google+ and watch out for a picture a day, followed by some special announcements and news about where the project is going next and how you can get involved.

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Fairies, crystals and Slow-Worms…

Posted on: January 21st, 2015 by samdrawsthings No Comments

One of the really lovely projects that I started working on at the end of 2014 is a collaboration with crystal lover and jewellery maker Anu Loves.   Another Etsy user, Vicki (who owns Anu Loves) creates jewellery using crystals and clay, and also sells individual crystals and other magical things.

We are working together on The Enchanted Collection, starting with a Fairy Crystal Pack.  Each pack is themed around a mythical character, and comes in a cotton pouch filled with pretty crystals.  We are planning a Gnome, Nymph, Pixie, and a range of other packs to come soon.

We started with Navaah the Fairy, who was inspired by my best friend growing up – we spent many happy hours in the garden together imagining we were flower fairies… Navaah is standing on a mushroom in the woods with her Slow-Worm familiar.


Navaah the Fairy by Sam Taylor -

I’m having lots of fun drawing each character, which is then printed on the front of the pouch filled with pretty crystals.  The artwork also appears on a postcard, which has information about the crystals and a bit of a story of the character.  I’ve also provided some little sketches of the different stones for the back of the card.

Postcard from Anu Loves enchanted collection illustrated by Sam Taylor -

I’m really excited about the project – not only is it just really amazing to spend my day drawing fairies and gnomes and things, but it’s been really lovely working in some natural history information and illustrations too.  Each of the characters has a particular native wild creature as their familiar and is connected to particular plants and habitats.  The artwork also looks really sweet printed on the little pouch!

You can find the Crystal Fairy Pack on Etsy here.

Anu Loves Fairy Pack available on Etsy


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